How to remove a flat mole at home?

Answer There are no good home remedies. See a Dr. and have it checked.

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Dermatend flat mole scab question?

Dermatend does not work well to remove moles, so most likely you are experiencing a normal reaction to the Dermatend. You should see your doctor about mole removal.

How to Do a Mole Check at Home?

While you may think only fair-skinned people or those with freckles and moles are at risk of developing skin cancer, it can affect anybody. Skin cancer becomes apparent through changes in or on the... Read More »

Mole Home Remedy?

Moles can be unsightly and irritating. It is common for a person to have anywhere from 10 to 40 moles. Moles come in different forms. Some are flat and oval, and others are round and raised. Moles ... Read More »

Does home mole removal work?

On One Hand: A New SolutionWhether someone has little and innocuous moles throughout the entire body, or annoying moles that are a complete nuisance, home mole removal is the right choice. Nowadays... Read More »