How to recover from upper back pulled muscle?

Answer It shouldn't take too much longer before it feels a lot better - maybe another week. I would not advise becoming more active at this stage as you run the risk of causing further injury or prolongi... Read More »

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What can I do to help heal a pulled tricep muscle in my upper left arm?

Put ice and hot on it or soak in warm water

While lifting weights this morning, I pulled an upper thigh muscle.?

Find your significant other and have him or her left and move your legs in many different ways while *cough* doing something else to help you forget about the strain.

How to Recover from a Strained or Pulled Muscle?

It is so easy to pull a muscle these days, regardless of whether you're an athlete. Many people never know what to do when it happens, aside from placing a bag of ice on it. This guide is for gener... Read More »

I think i pulled my back muscle help!!?

You can cure the pulled back muscle, by taking rest and gently massaging the injured muscle with oil.