How to recover from a twelve-some?

Answer I have some recommendations, but I'm not gonna share because I wasn't invited to the orgy.

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If I order twelve of the same item from amazon, will the shipping be multiplied by twelve?

Nope, shipping will always be charged the same amount for multiple items as it would for one item. Just keep it in the same cart and it'll be fine.

Will the pictures I recover from my corrupted CF card still appear when I recover them for the second time?

It depends on the usage of the card. If it is used a lot and also formatted 2 or more times after the first recovery then it is not possible to get that photos back

How to Get Pets in "Twelve Sky 2"?

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How to Live It up Before You're Twelve?

Okay so is it your 12th birthday soon? When you reach 12 you won't be a 'kid' anymore, so live it up while you can!