How to record stuff off the tv with video camera pefectly...?

Answer Get a capture card for your PC is probably the best way to get content from the TV. Or record to a DVD and put that in your PC.

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Is it legal to record stuff off the tv with a camera and post it to YouTube ?

It shouldn't be illegal if you give the rights to the correct owner.

How can you record video game play from your TV with a video camera?

This is a toughie! The problem is, your video camera samples at a consistent rate, and the TV refreshes at a consistent rate. So what you get is called a "beat frequency" - kind of like looking at ... Read More »

Can you record in .wmv with the Kodak Zi6 HD Pocket Video Camera?

The Kodak Camera's output Video format is MOV but not .WMV.if you want to convert it to WMV, there are a few 100% free Video Converters, maybe they can help you. Read More »

How do I use a wireless mic to record sound along with a video camera?

You did not tell us which video camera you are using. Many do not have a mic jack.The clip-on lavaliere connects with a thin wire to a battery powered body-pack. The body ack transmits the audio in... Read More »