How to record an audio from the Stereo mix and save it as a FLAC file?

Answer There is an easy way to do this. Continue to record your audio the way you are. And it's good that you can save your audio files as Wav. The Wav audio format, is a lossless audio format just like F... Read More »

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What is an FLAC audio file?

FLAC files are a type of audio file that can be played on Windows, Mac and Unix/Linux based computers. The abbreviation FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec. FLAC files use a type of compressi... Read More »

Is a FLAC file visual or just audio?

FLAC files, or Free Lossless Audio Codecs, are compressed audio files that maintain their sound quality. FLAC files are similar to winzip, which compresses files, except that FLAC only compresses a... Read More »

How to Convert a Mono Audio File to a Stereo File?

Converting a mono audio file to a stereo file is a relatively simple process using standard audio editing programs like Adobe Audition, Sony Soundforge or Cubase or Cool Edit Pro, each of which can... Read More »

How to Record a Voiceover on an Audio File in the Computer or to a CD?

If you're the creative type and are looking to explore the world of music criticism, you may want to start creating commentaries for various audio tracks. For example, while you're listening to a p... Read More »