How to receive sound from an xbox hooked up to a computer monitor w/ HDMI?

Answer Right click the speaker icon by the clock, right click digital and enable it, double click it, levels tab and set the slider where you like. Restart everything and see if that worked.

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Im using a dvi-to-hdmi cable from my computer to my pioneer vsx1120k the dvi does not carry sound so im using a rca cable im only getting sound from my receiver when there is no hdmi signal any ideas?

Change the audio input selection on the Pioneer from Auto to Analog. The auto mode expects the audio to come from the HDMI port when it is plugged in.

I have an HDMI from my xbox to tv and optical cord from tv to surround sound receiver?

You haven't set up your speakers properly.

Delayed picture on PS3 hooked up to surround sound, what HDMI cables are best?

You don't get "performance" from an HDMI cable; it's a digital signal and it either works or it doesn't. Better cables will work over longer lengths or with less sensitive equipment but in general ... Read More »

Can you run a hdmi from your computer to surround sound?

IF your computer has an HDMI with Audio Output (since not all computers pass through audio on HDMI) And if your HTIB has an HDMI input Then Yes. But most HTIB don't have hookups for devices. They a... Read More »