How to read a floppy disk?

Answer You might need to open the floppy drive and clean it. Gunk can build up on the heads.

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Will a USB flash drive read a 3.5 floppy disk?

A USB flash drive is not capable of reading a 3.5-inch floppy disk. A flash drive itself is a small storage device and is not necessarily a "drive" that can read other formats of storage.References... Read More »

What is a floppy disk used for?

Floppy disks--also called "diskettes"--are used to save and transfer computer data. The most common type of floppy disk is encased in plastic. The spinning media inside holds 1.44 MB of information... Read More »

What is Floppy disk?

What is a floppy disk?

The floppy disk drive (FDD) was invented at IBM by Alan Shugart in 1967. The first floppy drives used an 8-inch disk (later called a "diskette" as it got smaller), which evolved into the 5.25-inch ... Read More »