How to re-size a video without losing much quality?

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How do I get my HD Camcorder video onto my laptop, without it losing the quality?

You did not tell us which camera.If there is lots of compression of the video, the quality of the video will be poor. It is easy to use a pro grade standard definition quality camcorder like a Pana... Read More »

How do you change the file size of a .gif and/or .jpeg image in Photoshop Elements without losing quality?

You would have to re-save the file with lower quality (for a JPEG) or with fewer colors (for a GIF). You can definitely do that with Photoshop but I don't know about Photoshop Elements...

How do I convert FLV without losing quality?

Open Flash, click "File" > "New," then click "File" > "Import" > "Import Video." Click the "Browse" button and choose your FLV video. Click "Next," then click "Embed video in SWF." Click "Next" twi... Read More »

Best way to convert MKV to AVI without losing quality?

Avidemux editor/convertorTo just convert a file, open file in avidemux, video setting = copy, audio setting = copy, format (output) = aviclick the save button, name the file (include the file exte... Read More »