How to re-record onto dvd's?

Answer i dont think you can do what you desire in a dvd-r.there are, basically some types of DVD medias.*DVD-R [Digital versatile disk-recordable]*DVD-RW [DVD re writable]what you have is DVD-r,the featur... Read More »

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Will buying an apple tv help record all the Olympic broadcasts 3 channels worth of the Dish Network onto DVDs?

Is it possible to record myself on the computer then put in onto itunes and the onto my ipod?

It certainly is. All you need is a microphone. Windows has everything else you need already in your computer. Record your voice with Windows Sound Recorder, then convert the file to the file for... Read More »

Can i record my vinyl direct from my mixer onto my pc then onto c.d?

Yes you can, and I've found this link to explain better than I can:…

How do I copy dvr onto dvds?

Copying DVR onto DVDsConnect a composite (red, white and yellow) or component (red, green and blue) cable from the DVR AV-Out ports to the DVD recorder AV-In ports. Using another composite or compo... Read More »