How to re-record onto dvd's?

Answer i dont think you can do what you desire in a dvd-r.there are, basically some types of DVD medias.*DVD-R [Digital versatile disk-recordable]*DVD-RW [DVD re writable]what you have is DVD-r,the featur... Read More »

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A Blu-ray burner will most likely record both CDs and DVDs?

Just as a player like the PS3 has the capability to play the DVDs and Cds along with the Blue Ray discs and a DVD writer can also write Cds

Can you record over blank dvds?

If they're DVD-R then ONCE only, if they're DVD-RW, then multiple times.

Can a blue-ray DVD player record dvds?

blue ray discs are DVDs that have a blue and soft covering on the back of the disk. You can ONLY play them on blue ray players(spelled Blu Ray) and the PS3.

Is it illegal to record TV movies or programs and sell the DVDs?

According to the Motion Picture Association of America, it is illegal to download any copyrighted movie, whether on the big screen or television. "This legal requirement applies regardless of wheth... Read More »