How to re-boot your computer?

Answer Get a professional software technician to "format" your computer and reinstall your Windows.

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Is it possible to download some boot loader onto a CD Computer won't boot.?

No,it isn't possible to download some boot loader onto a CD. But you can purchase some CD from any computer shop or purchase CD on online. It may help you to restore your computer.

Will a computer boot if the internal computer battery is bad?

A computer will still boot if the internal, or CMOS, battery is bad. However, the CMOS will have lost all of its settings and will display an error message each time the computer boots requesting t... Read More »

How can i boot my computer...and how can i install a x ubuntu into my computer...?

You can install Ubuntu 8.10 within Windows using Wubi installer keep Windows as it is, Wubi only adds an extra option to boot into Ubuntu. Wubi does not require you to... Read More »

Computer will not boot ?

Strip it down to motherboard and 1 stick of ram. No graphics card. If you can get to bios, reset to defaults. If you cant boot with 1 stick of Ram, then could be RAM issues.