How to quiet loud TV commercials?

Answer mute button is your friend, however there are some televisions out there on the market that recognize a station break and automatically dampen the sound. the idea behind this is advertisers want t... Read More »

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My fan is loud on my computer it gets loud and then quiet is that normal?

Why are tv commercials so loud?

Actually, the person at the individual television station who copies the commercial and puts it into the media player is supposed to reset the audio levels according to that stations levels. But i... Read More »

Loud vs. Quiet(er) Keyboard during Recording?

I think people want to hear the keybord to know when pressing keys but don't make it too loud or it will just be annoying

How to Quiet a Loud Furnace Ignition Sequence?

Loud noises during the ignition sequence inside a gas furnace indicate combustion problems, typically involving the igniter or dirty gas burners. The loud noise you hear is usually the sound made b... Read More »