How to quickly get rid of a scrape?

Answer Hi. :)You could try:Cocoa Butter or Vitamin E Oil (Both work to make the scrape lighter and less noticeable)Aloe Vera (Cools the area and takes some sting away)Lavender Essential Oil diluted with O... Read More »

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How to Quickly Treat a Cut or Bleeding Scrape?

There are times, when you get a cut or scrape and do not have instant access to a sanitary place where it can be conveniently washed and cleaned.

How do i make a leg scrape heal faster what should i do if yellow pus is on top of the scrape?

Neosporin then a clean bandage. That's all. Keep the bandage clean and dry.

How to Scrape a Hog?

One common method of removing hair from a hog, once it has been slaughtered, is to scald the carcass in hot water. This softens the hair and acts as a lubricant, and makes it easier to scrape the h... Read More »

My scrape...?

It is tissue fluid (plasma).You need to wash your knee well in the shower, apply neosporin. Leave it open to air as much as you can so it can form a proper scab. Keep it covered when you wear clo... Read More »