How to quickly fix burn blisters?

Answer All you can do now is to apply a burn ointment or antibiotic ointment to keep is softened. Wrap the burn at night to protect it from busting open.

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How can I quickly treat blisters?

My personal method is to use a needle and pop them, put some ointment on, cover with a small piece of gauze, and wrap in medical tape.

You're the first to arrive at the scene of a vehicle accident and are assessing a burn victim The victim has blisters deep redness around the burn and shiny skin You classify the injury as a?

Do you get blisters on your tongue when you burn it?

Answeryes... i just recently burnt my tongue (2 days ago) and now i have a blister on my toungue.SO YES>>>> you usually get a blister on your toungue if you burn it.

Burn Blisters on fingers?

First of all, I'll explain the stages of burns. First degree burns have redness, pain, tenderness, maybe a little swelling, second degree burns have the same as first but with blisters, and third d... Read More »