How to put youtube videos on an ipod touch?

Answer Hello You need to have the video in mp4 format.You first have to download the video off youtube.Use one of the following to do so>>Online, No Software- Read More »

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Can you put videos off an iPod touch onto youtube?

No, currently you cannot, sorry. There may be an app to download to do it. That would be good to include in the next iOS update.

How you get YouTube videos on your iPod Touch?

You have to be connected to the wireless internet. Go to settings. Touch the wifi settings. Try to connect to a wireless connection. On the main screen there is a YouTube icon. Touch it and it wil... Read More »

How do I download YouTube videos to my iPod touch?

Go to the Youtube link of the video you wantSelect MOV and then download and put on your iPod TouchHope I Helped :)

How do you unbookmark YouTube videos on an iPod touch?

Go to the bookmark page of your YouTube app. Then in the top right hand corner select the edit button. Then tap the red circle next to the video you would like to remove from your bookmarks and hit... Read More »