How to put photos on memory stick from computer?

Answer You should be able to. Just insert your memory stick into the port. Then go to the photo's you want to save to the memory stick. When you click 'save as' you should get a box appear with all your l... Read More »

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How to Copy Photos From the Internal Memory to a Memory Stick on a Sony W80?

The Sony W80 is a 7 megapixel digital camera with optical zoom. It has a built-in memory capacity of 31 MB and also supports an external memory card. Transferring files from your camera requires a ... Read More »

How to Copy Photos From the Internal Memory to a Memory Stick?

A USB memory stick is a portable media storage drive that allows you to carry your files and photos anywhere. Most computers will allow you to connect the memory stick to a USB drive. Any photos st... Read More »

How to Transfer Photos From a Hard Drive to a Memory Stick?

A Memory Stick is a small storage device that uses flash memory. This technology was originally developed by Sony to be used with digital cameras and other portable electronic devices. Memory Stick... Read More »

I need step by step directions on how to copy photos from internal memory to memory stick.?

If you can hook up the camera to a PC with USB. I think you can download the pics with the software provided with the camera.