How to put a picture next to the subscribe bar above the video in YouTube?

Answer You have to be a YouTube partner.

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Getting a Picture from a video on Youtube?

You probably want to just take a screenshot of the entire screen. You can do this by pressing the "PRTSC" button on your keyboard, next to the F12 button. This saves a picture of the screen as it... Read More »

How can I remove a picture of myself off Google Images that came from a video off a deleted Youtube account?

The reality is, I'm afraid, that you just can't.It isn't even "just there" any more....Click on your Start button, and select "Programs", "Accessories", & "DOS Prompt"...When the little box pops up... Read More »

What does "subscribe" mean on youtube?

If you have a YouTube account you can subscribe people so you know when they have a new vid!Just like when you subscribe for a magazine or newspaper!Hope I helped :)

Youtube! (Please Subscribe!)?

Aww you're such a cutie lol you remind me of my daughter...I suggest OOTD and daily routines when you get more subscribers, but you're doing just fine now sweetie.Rose