How to protect your vehicle's paint from Love Bugs?

Answer Every May and September Florida drivers endure another encounter with visitors that mate in midair and splatter all over their vehicles. The scientific name for these pests is Plecia Neartica but ... Read More »

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How to Prevent Love Bugs From Sticking to Your Car Paint?

Lovebugs, or March flies, as they are also known, are indigenous insects to the southeastern region of the United States and in Central America, primarily around the Gulf Coast. They are also the b... Read More »

How do I remove love bugs from paint?

Purchase a straining cloth, some plastic gloves and a large rectangular pan or bucket from your local hardware store. Cloths are less expensive than metal sieves for this one-time job and it is dif... Read More »

How To Remove Love Bugs From Your Auto?

Plecia nearctica -- commonly called love bugs -- run wild in Southern U.S., particularly Florida, in the spring and fall. The common name "love bug" is due to the male and female flying around whil... Read More »

How to Remove Love Bugs Without Damaging Auto Paint?

Love bugs are undoubtedly a problem on the front of your car if you live in the southeastern U.S. These little bugs are everywhere in the south and seem to be more prevalent on the busy roads. Th... Read More »