How to protect my pc without virus software?

Answer You can set up a firewall. But that will just prevent you from visiting or recieving matter from an unsafe source, for which you have to know the source. You will still need the virus to clean up a... Read More »

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Are the most popular anti-virus software programs ALMOST as invasive as the viruses they, designed to protect?

As far as most tech-oriented people go, Norton and McAfee are usually at the bottom of the food chain. Probably because they cost some absurd amount for something you can download for free (Avira, ... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Spyware Without Commercial Anti Virus Software?

So, your computer keeps slowing down for no apparent reason. You don't have any fancy anti-virus program like Norton or McAfee. You think you have spyware, but you're unsure. Here are a few easy wa... Read More »

How do i get rid of virus from my computer without purchasing any antivirus software?

protect ur flashdrives by downloading a flash drives scanner free from

My computer has a virus, and whenever I try to open my anti-virus software, it closes up. What do I do?