How to protect my PC from viruses?

Answer Avast 4.8aviraclamwin. but use only one anti viruscomodo firewall promalwarebytes anti-malwareSUPERAntispywareccleaner and mvregclean to clean your computer.f

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I ask 4 the best 1 & i get 50 so ill ask again which is the best 1 to protect my pc from viruses & stuff?

I would also say that there can be no definite answer to your question as different people like different things. For free antivirus no doubt AVG and Avast come top and Avira follows. For paid ones... Read More »

How to protect a computer from viruses?

Buy a MacOrDon't download or look at porn

How do you protect yourself against computer viruses?

Keep your teenage son and his friends off the computer! When they get on our computer is when it really messes up!

How to protect my computer from viruses etc?