How to project tv onto computer screen?

Answer What you are referring to is impossible to do for free. The hardware is designed to be one way. If you want to display tv->computer then you need to get a TV capture card.

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I want to project my computer screen onto my tv ?

you may need to go into your video card settings, if you dont have a video card then that is a problem, even if you can get it to work it will be very blurry. YUou can access your video cards setti... Read More »

What kind of projector should I buy to project PowerPoint onto a screen I need all the advice I can get.?

Actually, they are very cheap compared to what came before. Just like everything else in life, it is all relative.How often do you have to do this? Is it only in one place? Or are you moving around... Read More »

How can i display whats on my computer screen..onto my t.v. ?

unless you have a HDTV it's not even worth doing because you would have to put your resolution and HOPE your tv can go that high .

How do I record a computer screen onto a hard disk camcorder?

Get Wondershare DemoCreator, Democreator creates software tutorial and presentation by recording screen, but more than a screen recorder, you can record all the actions taking on the application an... Read More »