How to program a Toshiba remote control?

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How do I program a Toshiba remote control?

Toshiba remote controls are designed to control many devices---TVs, VCRs, DVD players---even if they are not made by Toshiba. Programming the remote to control these devices is easy; you just need... Read More »

How Do You Program a Toshiba CT-90142 Remote Control?

If your Toshiba CT-90142 remote control isn't programmed, you don't have to call for a TV technician's assistance or carry out a complex set of instructions to sync it with your Toshiba TV. As long... Read More »

How can I program my toshiba TV remote to control my blu-ray player?

Joe, you need a learning or a remote that controls the other components or you will have to buy one.Look up the info online for the proper info,Both answers have good points.Either return it and be... Read More »

How do you program a toshiba tvdvd with a comcast 3 in 1 remote control?

YOu must program it as a Toshiba DVD using the AUX button on remote control and the codes 0695 (which worked for me) or 0503, or 1045.Then seperately set up the volume by changing the volume contro... Read More »