How to program RCA tv before hooking up DVD player?

Answer I would like to know how do i program a radio shack 5 in one remote 15-2200.

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Problems Hooking Up a DVD Player Through a VCR?

Analog televisions whose only input is a coaxial port are inexpensive and readily available these days. Visit most any resale shop, garage sale or website selling used electronics and you will noti... Read More »

Hooking a Blu-Ray player up without HDMI?

Go into the blu ray's set up menu and configure it to match your output. They come set up for HDMI.

I'm having trouble hooking up my dvd player to my flat screen and direct tv?

simple explantion i hope here is how mine is hooked up i have a hdmi cable going from my blu-ray to AV 1 and when i want to watch that i go to AV 1 by using the input on my tv remoterfor my dis... Read More »

Hooking Philips DVD player (progressive scan, if it matters) to Apex TV. What the heck am I missing?

Yellow = composite videored/white : stereo audioWith these cables you can't take advantage of the progressive out of your player. You should be using component cable (Red/Green/Blue) for video + r... Read More »