How to print true to size?

Answer Hi KittyWhen you print, go in the preferences of the printer, and check mark the "selected document.Their is an option which always says "fit to page" which is what you don't want.Their is an optio... Read More »

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When I print an e-mail from yahoo the print size is very small. whenprinting from documents the print size is?

Open up the what you want to printLeft click and highlight either part or the whole area you want printedRight click the highlighted area and click print previewChange the box "As laid out on scree... Read More »

How to Print True Black Bar Codes on Your ID Badge?

It is important for the correct working of your bar code that it print in a true black setting. Sometimes this will happen automatically,but it is best to double check your printer preferences prio... Read More »

Do Reeboks run true to size?

Reebok is an athletic footwear company which produces shoes for men and women to use while playing tennis, football, baseball, basketball, lacrosse, hockey, soccer or running. Their shoes run true ... Read More »

What size print is an A4?

A4 paper is a standard paper size used in Europe and many other countries, but is not commonly used in North America. The paper measures 8.3 inches wide by 11.7 inches long, which is longer and nar... Read More »