How to print from mac pages programme i cannotfind the button?

Answer Every standard mac program will have the Print function under the File menu. Pages doesn't have a print button shown by default.You can add a print button to the toolbar by holding down the Control... Read More »

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My HP Deskjet F4400 prints only blank pages except when I print test pages or alignment pages!!?

HP printer won't print anything but emails and web pages...Word pages won't print?

1. What is the model of your printer? HP is the brand, need the model also.2. Has anything changed recently .... upgraded to Vista? new Computer?3. What version of Word is this?

When I print something from the programme in prints black things in green....?

It prints based off the color codes listed in the format of the properties when editing the picture. Try a different editing program, maybe their codes aren't accurate? I doubt it's the cartridge i... Read More »

How to Print Pages from the Citibank Website?

Oddly enough, the "printable version" of the pages from the website don't fit in standard printers. Want to print out your credit card statement in a way you can actually read it? Bett... Read More »