How to print a test page just with the printer hp laser jet 4100N?

Answer Right click the printer driver, properties, PRINT TEST PAGE if it's hooked to a pC alreadyIf it's on it's own and you just want to chekc the mechanics, Press the menu button,scroll to "information... Read More »

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Hp laser jet 4100N printer problem?

Try simply openeing "notepad" or "wordpad" and typingabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzpress print and check outputIf that's OK it's a conflict betrween your program and the driverIf it's got the error, un... Read More »

My printer just printed the test page. I have been trying to print other documents and it will not print!?

If you have a printer that is 10 years old or older and you have Windows 8 that will be the problem. Windows 8 can have a problem printing with older printers.

What will be the per page A4 size cost (Photo print) of HP colour laser CP1515n printer, pls somebody help me?

A4 (210x297 mm)paper is 1.0339 times the number of square inches in letter size (8.5x11 inches) so multiply the cost per letter size by 1.03.There is no definate answer. It depends on the cost of t... Read More »

How do i print a test page again on my printer?

The printing head for black ink may be broken. To print test page, go to printer folder and rightclick printer and choose properties and click test print page