How to print a brochure on Microsoft Word 2010?

Answer Not all printers support duplexing- printing on both sides of the paper. Word does support this.Press Ctrl-P. One of the choices is Print All Pages. Click on the down arrow here and select Print On... Read More »

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How do you put a brochure from microsoft publisher to microsoft word?

You can't transfer I don't think, but you could try on publisher pressing crtl+a, then crtl +c, then onto the transfer press ctrl + v. Just use a flashdrive, and bring it to your school?

On Microsoft Publisher, how do you print out a document in brochure form?

Printing in Publisher as far as a brochure form isn't very hard, basicly just like the other parts of publisher, decide which form you want click on it you will have two sides to fill out at bottom... Read More »

How do you print to the other side of a brochure in Microsoft Publisher 2003?

Hey in the Bottom left corner there is page symbols with numbers 1 is the front 2 is the back, hope this helps!

How can you do a brochure on Microsoft Word?

There is no possible way to do this. You need to upgrade to Microsoft Word 2007 to make a brochure. Answer If you can set up columns you can make a brochure on any word processing program. Simply s... Read More »