How to prevent top eyeliner from smudging ?

Answer The only way to make it stay is eye shadow primer. It also helps if you set the eyeliner with a black shadow.

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How to Prevent Eyeliner from Smudging?

Eyeliner dramatically enhances your eyes when you first apply it, but keeping the cosmetic in place for hours can present a challenge. Oil-based and wax-based eyeliners melt from body heat and migr... Read More »

How to keep eyeliner from not smudging?

It could be the product's fault, but applying a primer before the eyeliner, and re drawing the line with powder is going to help it last longer. You might want to try a liquid or water proof pencil... Read More »

How to keep my eyeliner from smudging throughout the day?

Honestly there isn't really a way to prevent your eyeliner from smudging unless it's a smudge-proof eyeliner. Waterproof eyeliners are much better for your waterline because it's a watery area and ... Read More »

How to Keep Eyeliner From Smudging on the Lower Eye?

Eyeliner defines the eyes and makes them pop, dramatically improving your appearance. But eyeliner, like other cosmetics, has a tendency to smear and smudge if not applied correctly. To prevent smu... Read More »