How to prevent my eyesight from becoming weaker?

Answer lol well try doing some good one i got taught was to place ur hand in front of ur eyes i'd say about 4 inches away. Then look and focus on ur hand for 10 seconds, then look and focu... Read More »

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What are the causes of bad eyesight so i can prevent my eyes from getting worse?

I know too much computer made me near sighted

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Teaching careers are among the most popular in our country. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that there were 3.5 million teachers in 2008. This number will grow by 13 percent befor... Read More »

How to Prevent Your Dog from Becoming Carsick?

Even if you don't plan to travel extensively with your dog, you and she will both benefit from her not being carsick. In the event that she must find a new home, she will be more adoptable if she e... Read More »

How can you prevent your baby from becoming sick if you have a fever and she just got home from the hospital she had a pneumothorax?

A baby born at less than 27 weeks with a weight of 800 grams or less.