How to prevent muscle soreness?

Answer Be a man.I love feeling that soreness.

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How to get rid of muscle soreness?

-Drink plenty of water-muscles massages and foam rolling for myofascial release-icing and heating or hot/cold showers 1 min. of cold max followed by 1 min of hot max 3 times. Heat will relax your ... Read More »

Muscle soreness?

Stay very hydrated and try stretches for these specific areas...also look into seeing a sports massage therapist they will help with specific problems and stretching the muscles to relieve the sore... Read More »

What is your worst muscle soreness?

LEG DAYS, especially calves. Seriously, done a leg workout the Monday still walking like I have pooed myself

Sudden muscle soreness?

The muscle soreness could be a side effect of the prednisolone or it could be due to Myasthenia Gravis.