How to prevent more spiders coming into my apartment?

Answer Unfortunately, there's no way to keep spiders out entirely. They are able to get in through the smallest spaces, so even if you kept the door closed all the time you would probably still see the oc... Read More »

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Whats the best way to get rid of spiders in my apartment?

You scream at them, and tell them to get the hell out. smack them with a suppina

How do I deter spiders from coming into my house?

two solutions, once they have been removed, spray the house with tea tree oil, then get some moth balls and put them under and around the house. They cannot stand them. 1. get bottle of tea tree o... Read More »

Is there a buy spray you can get that prevents spiders from coming around?

spiders are not insects so are not repelled the same way a roach or cricket would be with the common can get over the web, a couple of products that have a type of micro-encapsua... Read More »

How do I prevent spiders from crawling around my home?

Somebody told me, I can't remember who and it might even be an old wives tale but I'm sure if you put conkers in every corner of the room it keeps them away!!