How to prevent from adding you to facebook groups?

Answer stop adding people you dont know in real life, and you wont have these problemsthere's no way to disable it otherwise

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How to Prevent Programs From Adding Themselves to the Windows XP Startup?

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Can you have forums in facebook groups?

just create a post for each topic like a forum - there arent really any other ways to do it

Can you create groups in facebook?

Don't add people you don't know.. You can make a group and call it something like "Friends we don't know", A group for meeting new friends...???

Any BIG vegan groups on Facebook?

Yes =3Google:Vegan OutreachMercy For AnimalsCompassion Over KillingEat Vegan on $4 dollars a dayFarm SanctuaryAnimal PlaceEvolve Campaigns Wood Stock Farm Animal SanctuaryIf you want a vegetarian f... Read More »