How to prevent back pain ?

Answer use electric heating pad with variable temperature...

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How to Prevent Lower Back Pain?

Back pain is a common problem that will affect nearly all adults at 1 time or another. For a small percentage, the problem will become chronic; impacting your ability to perform enjoyable activitie... Read More »

How to Prevent Upper Back Pain?

Upper back pain, although less frequent than lower back issues, is a problem for many today. Because the thoracic spine in the upper and middle back region is not as mobile as the lower back and ne... Read More »

If I are 3 weeks pregnant is it normal to have low back pain and some low abd pain not cramping?

I don't know if it is normal but I am experiencing the same thing! I also have cysts, I am wondering if it was a false positive pregnancy test!sometimes if the test is neg you can still be preg but... Read More »

What cause fatigue stomach pain diarrhea and back pain?

Could be:Celiac DiseaseUlcerative ColitisIBMCrohn's DiseaseThread WormTape WormGiardiasisOr a problem with your Gall Bladder, Liver or Pancreas