How to prevent Sex from hurting the first time?

Answer make sure you are very wet before you try to have sex. and make sure that you lube his penis.that should help. also, have him go slow until you are used to it and that should help a lot. make sure ... Read More »

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How to prevent colors from blending and fading the first time I wash my tie dye shirt?

Well usually before i tie dye my shorts i soak it in soda ash that prevents bleeding,also try soaking the the shirts in salt water or vinegar, that MIGHT help.. But because i don't know what dye wa... Read More »

How to Prevent Small Business Liability From Hurting Personal Assets?

Many unplanned situations can come up in the course of running your business that can cause financial distress to your business assets as well as personal assets if they are not protected. Being la... Read More »

How can you prevent your baby from falling all the time from seats tables sofas and the like?

Answer If your baby is only a few months old do the changing of the diapers and let the sleep on the floor if you have to. Leaving your baby unattended for even a few seconds on tables and such is... Read More »

How do I prevent my car windows from fogging up all the time?

Remove Moisture from VehicleRemove moisture from inside of the car. If there is snow or water on the ground, tap your shoes off before entering the vehicle. Use automotive products to remove moistu... Read More »