How to prepare my daughter for preschool?

Answer Really there are no prerequisites for preschool. Some school do require three year olds to be potty trained if they do not have an IEP. Other than that there are really no requirements. It is al... Read More »

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My 3 yr old daughter got hit by a boy at preschool?

Not potty trained at 3? Yep that's one academically gifted kid you got on your hands. I hear Einstein **** in his pants until he was 50, Tesla until death!

What if any should I get my daughter for her preschool graduation?

A gift of your time would probably be the most meaningful thing you can do. How about a small token (a little necklace or crown maybe) at the time of the graduation, with a special lunch or ice cr... Read More »

Daughter too "slow" in Preschool?

"My teacher calls me molasses Madison." Are you kidding me? I also did not like how the teacher said "he has only one speed and that is extra slow"It is completely normal for children to act thi... Read More »

Is pollakiuria just at preschool age your daughter is almost 10?

If the first child was Rh positive it is less likely that the jaundice was due to Rh incompatibility unless you had an abortion earlier and did not take anti D. ABO incompatibility is more likely. ... Read More »