How to prepare green beans so my family will eat them 10 points!!!?

Answer my favorite fresh vegetable. is green beans. first wash them, then cut off the ends, now in a dutch oven fry 4 pieces of bacon and remove. leave the grease. now fill with water add the green be... Read More »

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Will cayenne pepper mixed with water hurt planted green beans have a rabbit problem was hoping hot stuff will deter them from eating the tops of green beans?

Answer Identify the pest first. If its rabbits,yes the mixed pepper will work. Also try human hair and blood meal.

How do you prepare green beans to freeze?

ANSWER:Boil them for at least 5 minutes. Then cool them fast in an ice bath. Then freeze them in ziplock bags. This cooks the outer hull and keeps them from getting destroyed by the freezing.

Do fresh green beans have levodopa in them?

Seeds produced by all members of the Pea and Bean Family contain some L-Dopa but only the tropical species/varieties like the Macuna Bean have levels approaching toxicity and the chemical is in the... Read More »

If you soak pinto beans all day can you rinse them and put them into the fridge overnight without cooking them first?

Answer Yes, but it might be good to try soaking them overnight as well - just chance the water for fresh and leave them to soak.