How to poop Please help ten points!?

Answer If you are willing to go to the store- you can buy laxatives. They work wonders & I don't think they are that expensive.For something easier & cheaper, you could buy some Figs (Fig Nuetons) they he... Read More »

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How to go poop Ten points!?

Rest your arms on your thighs, feet flat on the floor, leaning forward slightly. Push for 7 seconds and then relax for 7 seconds. Continue this for a while. Do all of this while drinking prune juic... Read More »

I love to poop but sometimes I poop in my shoe; what can I do to combat this problem?

Does a carnivore's poop smells worse than a vegan's poop?

I don't generally go around sniffing poo. I know my cat's litter box smell's a whole heck of a lot worse than my sister's rabbit's, but I think you're probably asking about humans here . . .

How much poop does an average person poop a day or every other day?