I need to know. 15 year old girl...pregnant please please help me.?

Answer Well, first off, don't make the same mistake of a possible pregnancy. To your problem: I know how you feel. It's pretty scary when you like someone so much but don't know how to tell them. It d... Read More »

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Please help me...concerned about a precious 9 year old little girl who is sick...please read and answer.......?

Oh my I am so very sorry. My daughter had a medical problem when she was 4 and was not eating or drinking. The doctors said if she didn't start they were going to put her in the hospital with IV"... Read More »

Girl help please!!?

Lol, you arent. Hes just flirting. Being cheeky, and banter. Its all good. Dont worry, you sound gorgeous.He didnt mean it literally mean it, like you didnt mean f u in a literal sense, nor did he ... Read More »

Girl problems please help:]?

It's pretty normal to have random hair on your nipple. I don't have any but I get this one random hair on my jaw bone..The discharge coming out of your private area is normal as well. My mother use... Read More »

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