How to play youtube videos in my computer without stopping?

Answer Youtube buffering based upon the Internet connection speed that you 've given.Howeva if yu wanna watch youtube witout bufferin,yu jus pause th video and after sometime yu resume it.yu can watch th ... Read More »

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Why does my computer not play online videos, except youtube videos?

It i an easy issue to solve, just install latest adobe flash player in your browser and you will not ind such an isuue again.You should have to reboot your browser after reinstalling the flash player.

Youtube videos stopping to buffer.?

Delete your browsing history. Too much stuff will clog it up and make everything run slower. My computer did it for awhile, too.

YouTube videos keep stopping and won't work?

Why do the videos on YouTube keep stopping and starting when I try to watch them?

It's probably your internet connection causing the video to play faster than it's downloading, causing it to pause or buffer.