How to plant sunflowers?

Answer Hi.. my little daughter and I planted some last year and they came up HUGE!. ( did some more this weekend) Ok to plant now as they aren't bedding plants so will survive. Plant single seeds, spac... Read More »

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How do I plant black seed sunflowers?

Find a location in your garden that will get sunshine for most of the day, at least six hours. After the last frost has passed in your location, prepare the soil by digging it down to approximately... Read More »

What do sunflowers mean?

Sunflowers have been enjoyed by cultures of the world for many years. Their tall stalks and bright petals draw the eye and captivate the viewer.The SunSunflowers belong to the Helianthus group. The... Read More »

About Squirrels & Sunflowers?

Sunflower plants are grown commercially for their seeds and as an ornamental plant in gardens. Each sunflower plant flower head can contain up to 2000 seeds. The seeds are a favorite food of squirr... Read More »

What Do Sunflowers Produce?

With their large, cheery flowers and quick growth, sunflowers are a favorite in many gardens. However, sunflowers have more to offer than their good looks. This North American native wildflower's f... Read More »