How to plant dill seeds indoors in a window box to be transplanted outside?

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How do you and how far apart do I plant dill seeds in an indoor window box?

How many seeds should I plant for each dill plant?

The number of seeds needed varies, as dill seed germination depends on several factors. Plant dill seeds by broadcasting over a garden bed then lightly rake the seeds into the soil. Alternatively, ... Read More »

How do i plant vegetable seeds indoors?

Sowing the SeedsDetermine the last frost date for your area. Using this date, refer to seed packets to determine when to start your seeds. This will vary from crop to crop, according to the Univers... Read More »

How to Plant Tomato Seeds Indoors?

Starting your tomato seeds indoors can be a great way to get a jump on the growing season and to have young plants ready to make the transition outdoors sometime after the last frost. Starting them... Read More »