How to plan a trip to Australia?

Answer There is far too much information to give in one go so I will answer your questions here as best I can. Honestly two weeks is not alot of time so to get the most out of your trip i would recommend ... Read More »

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Road trip around Australia?

It is safe if you use common sense. Make sure your vehicle is in good shape and carry extra water and fuel.If you plan on sticking to the ONE paved road you will not see much. Most of the best s... Read More »

How should i pack fo rmy trip to Australia?

Its mainly so cold because of the wind, not the actual tempreture so make sure you have a jacket that blocks out most of the wind, and a hood if it suddenly rains since thats been happening quite a... Read More »

Should i sacrifice my trip for australia for my braces?

It's up to you but it's a life time of beautiful teeth, or a short trip. There will be other opportunities for a trip down under.

Trip to Australia/India or Volunteer at the Zoo?

Hello! Well those all sound pretty cool especilly Ausie, but I think I would take a training course and volunteer at the local zoo because you learn knew things and meet new people! Plus make a ton... Read More »