How to pick cantaloupes?

Answer More ways to pick the right cantaloupes:1. The best thing you can do is smell. This doesn't apply for watermelons. Watermelons are described below. As for cantaloupe: don't look, don't touch, just ... Read More »

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Where do cantaloupes grow?

What would cause cantaloupes to rot in the garden?

Sometimes this happens when they are over-ripe, or during warm, damp weather from a variety of fungal diseases. Also, pests getting inside the plant can rot it - millipedes are one example. Blossom... Read More »

When are cantaloupes ready to be picked?

When they are ripe, they will readily be able to be pulled from the vine. The color will change from to having an underlying greenish tone to browner. Don't be too concerned about harvesting slight... Read More »

Do cantaloupes need lime&fertilizer?

Cantaloupes need both lime and fertilizer; but, you may not have to add lime to a soil that already contains it. Magnesium infused lime gets placed in soils that lacks this particular element. Gard... Read More »