How to photoshop two people together?

Answer If the photos are too different the result won't be realistic. It doesn't matter the program you use.Some of the main things that must be similar between the two photos are the angle of the illumin... Read More »

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How to Use People Recognition in Photoshop Elements?

No people, but a stunning shotPeople Recognition allows you to tag your images a lot faster than going through them one by one. Instead of tagging each one, all you need to do is verify that they a... Read More »

How to Get Rid of the Glow Around People's Heads in Photoshop?

Having a glow in a photo may be a result of a bad lighting situation, the camera's flash or even being splashed by radioactive chemicals, but there's no need to be stuck with the glow when you use ... Read More »

How do you make people nude in photoshop?

Step 1: Select the history brush tool.Step 2: In the Mode drop down box (at the top) select Linear Burn.Step 3: In the Opacity drop down box (to the right of the Mode drop down) set the opacity to ... Read More »

How to Make People Look Computer Generated in Photoshop?

Whether you're playing around with creating an avatar for an online game or working on transforming photos for an art project, Photoshop can help. Photoshop, the graphics software package included ... Read More »