How to persuade my mum to let dye my hair?

Answer I've died my hair about a million times all kinds of crazy Colors and my mom never had a problem and I'm 13. Just ask what's the worst thats gonna happen. She will say no?

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How do i persuade my mum to let me dip-dye my hair?

Oh I dip dyed my hair for the summer and then cut it off and now for the fall I am planning to dip dye it a fallish color.So to convince your mom maybe you would just do temperary dye. So they you ... Read More »

My parents won't let me cut my hair, how can i persuade them?

1. You have to persuade them that your hair belongs to you, not them. Probably you have beautiful hair and your parents enjoy looking at you. They raised you, giving you food and doing laundry, so ... Read More »

How to Persuade Your Parents to Let You Style Your Hair?

Are you having problems convincing your parents that only you know how to style your hair right? Follow the steps below.

How to persuade my parents.?

If your parents are filthy rich and prefer to substitute love with overpriced toys that will be forgotten for the next latest greatest thing, then throw a tantrum and demand they buy you one.Otherw... Read More »