How to paint the inside of a car?

Answer If you do not like the interior of your car, do not worry. You do not have to buy a new car to change the color. Painting the car interior is one option. It will change the old color from a lighter... Read More »

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If you paint the walls of a bedroom, do you also paint the inside of the closet?

Whatever floats your boat. It's all to your own taste, and what you like the look of. There is really no hidden rule here.

Can you use exterior paint inside?

Exterior paint should not be used inside because it usually contains stronger chemicals than interior paint. Exterior paint is formulated to be mildew-resistant and to hold up to sunlight, rain, s... Read More »

Can I paint the inside of my fireplace?

Many people choose to paint the inside of a fireplace to hide stains and refresh their look. Only paint made specifically for fireplaces should be used, and it can be purchased at most paint stores... Read More »

How to Paint the Inside of an Aluminum Boat?

If you would like to paint the inside of an aluminum boat, you will have to contend with two complications. First, because aluminum is a nonporous surface, it is not a good candidate for paint adhe... Read More »