How to organize my wardrobe?

Answer Hi Nadia! that happened to me once so im going to help you organize!! :)1 separate the clothing! Start to make a a section of clothing by: shirt pants skirts dresses under clothes (if u have them ... Read More »

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How to Organize Your Wardrobe?

Does your closet look like this?Want a great pick me up? Looking for something that will make a great difference in your day-to-day life? Clean out your bedroom closet! Yes, the relief and pride yo... Read More »

How to Organize Your Wardrobe Using Picasa?

Would you be keen to find a way to easily keep track of everything in your wardrobe, mix and match all your clothes, and create outfits using technology? Creating a closet or wardrobe database, lik... Read More »

How to Organize Your Girlfriend's Wardrobe?

Suprise your girlfriend with an organized closet!It's either because your girlfriend's wardrobe is a mess, you want to surprise her OR both. Well you came to the right place!

How to Get a New Wardrobe for $15?

Need a new wardrobe? Here's a way to acquire one with just a few basic sewing skills: