How to open particular URL using a particular web browser?

Answer firefox.exe -new-window firefox.exe "" "" Change it to internet explorer if you wish to open it in explorer?ORYou can either use ieTab to have Firefox open that ... Read More »

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How can I set to open a browser other than my default browser to open when I click links in Messenger Insider?

You can try right-clicking the link and choose a different browser to use.You can open the browser that you want to use, then just copy and paste the links from Messenger..

Can android open multiple browser windows?

The stock browser (the one that comes preinstalled on your phone) can open multiple windows, up to four to be exact. Certain other browsers that can be obtained on the Android Market, allow you to... Read More »

How to Change Your Home Page when You Open Your Web Browser?

I'm going to show you how to change that first page that shows up when you open your internet browser called the home page.

Can we open a pdf document in a browser without installing acrobat reader etc.?

Sometimes. If you search for your document with google and then click on the "view as HTML" link. Or you can download this extension for firefox:…This ext... Read More »