How to open case of dell inspiron 1464.?

Answer Nikit,Unfortunately, there is no documentation that shows how to open the case for the 1464. You can click the link below to view the online users manual. It will show you how to replace parts in ... Read More »

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How to Open Up a Dell Inspiron 600 Laptop?

If you plan on adding parts to your Dell Inspiron 600 at some point in the future, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with how to take your laptop apart now so you'll know what you're getting... Read More »

Why does my Dell Inspiron 14z laptop hang when i open Facebook?

Hi Vidya,Please check if the issue occurs only with Facebook or you have trouble browsing other websites too. If you are using Internet explorer to open the website, reset the Internet Explorer set... Read More »

How to Open a Dell PC Case?

If you have had other computers, the opening of a Dell PC case may have you stumped. Most computer cases are secured with either screws or thumbscrews. Dell cases are different in that they are gen... Read More »

How Do I Open the Case on the Dell Computer?

Look at the top, bottom and back of the case. Dell has a wide variety of cases and they open differently. Put the computer on its side. Look for buttons on the top and bottom of the case, and push ... Read More »