How to not smell like weed?

Answer if you dont smoke your eyes wont get red unless its from irritation but thats normal, as far as smell lmao dude just spray a little something and airdry for like a minute, you'll be fine. It's over... Read More »

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Why does my room smell like weed?

If you want to grow up to be a liar then find an excuse. If you want to be a sensible mature person admit what they know already. They will know very well if you lie to them anyway. I let a room to... Read More »

Do you think I could still smell like weed?

I have a bad smell in my house. We have a septic tank, but it doesn't smell like poop smell.?

If it smells like moldy or mildew sort of odor, it could be socks or other small laundry items that have floated up over the washing machine wash basket and gotten stuck behind the washing tub insi... Read More »

How to get rid of the smell of weed?

Quit smoking it. It's illegal in most states. Try spraying yourself with something which smells better.