How to not hurt myself ?

Answer Dude, take it easy. You aren't going to become Arnie overnight - just concentrate on being fit, not on having huge muscles.Chicks dig that more anyway.

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Help me, i have hurt myself !?

your kitchen pans and utensils, your neighbors, your landlord, your apt, all the pets that live near you, your ex gfs, your family members or friends who betrayed you, monica lewinsky, clinton, bus... Read More »

Is there anyway I hurt myself today?

You should be fine. Give it a day and your temp should come back up. It could be the thermometer also. Some have a range of +\- a degree.

I'm pregnute and I think I hurt myself! Help!?

You are going to get me fired from my job for all of the laughing. Give me your address and I will come and pick you up on my snowmobile. I have a babby seat already strapped on.

How do I get blood outta me-cut myself- without making it hurt?

Yahoo Answers does not exist to help you harm yourself. If you need to see blood, I recommend watching a TV reality show about the E.R.